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7 Steps to Get Free Money from Government

If you are in business or perhaps are a student, you could also be out of job; know that there are opportunities for you to access free funding from the government of your country. Government usually has a way of giving back to her citizens and they do it in an organized way. No government goes out to the street and start distributing free money to people – rather they have modalities in which they operate whenever they want to give out free money.

Free money from government comes in different forms, different amounts and also for different group of people. For instance; if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or you own a start – up business, you can access free grants and support from the government of your country.

As a matter of fact, if you choose to start a new business in a specific industry that enjoys the support of government, you will automatically get free financial support from the government of your country. Normally new businesses in the recycling industries, agriculture industries or NGOs that operate in consonant with government policies usually attract free money.

Likewise, if you are a student, you can get free money in form of scholarship or bursary from the government of your country. Over and above, there are several ways one can get free money from the government of your country all you need to do is to ensure that you have all the required documentation that will qualify you to access free money from the government.

Now let us quickly consider 7 sure – fire tips that will help you get free money from the government of your country;

1. First Thing First You Must Be Qualified – Get the Required Documentation

If you don’t possess the required immigration status or residence status, you will not qualify for free money from the government of the country that you are residing. The first thing that you should do if you are itching for some money from the government of your country is to ensure that you have your international passport or any document (driver’s license or national ID card).

Also, if your tax clearance is available then that may be an added advantage. You can visit the local government office in your community to get details of what is expected of you as a residence before you can be qualified for support from the government. This is important because sometimes the federal government channel this free money through the office of the local government.

2. Research on Areas of Business / NGOs or Field of Studies That Attract Free Money from the Government of Your Country

There are areas of business or field of studies that usually attract free funding from government. For example, if you are into any form of recycling business, you will attract free money from government. If you are into agriculture related business you can as well attract free money from the government of your country. It is a way to encourage entrepreneurs to work in tandem with government policies.

In some countries, students are encouraged to study technology related courses, nursing and medicine or agric related courses and the government usually prepare grants for those who eventually choose to study these courses. The courses might be different from one country to another or from government to another government. The bottom line is to ensure that find out the field of studies that can easily attract free money from the government of your country.

3. As an Aspiring Entrepreneur, Register Your Business and Obtain the Needed Tax Payers ID.

As an aspiring entrepreneur; if you want to access free money / grant from the government it is important to register your business, open a corporate account for the business, and maintain proper and clean financial record and also to obtain your tax payer ID. If you have all this in place, it will go a long to position you to ensure that you are prepared to manage the financial resources when it is given to you and also it will give you an edge over other competitors that will equally apply for free government money.

4. Look Out For Opportunities for Free Monies from the Government of Your Country

From time to time government usually advertise whenever they want to give out grants to businesses or whenever they want t give out scholarship to students. If you are looking towards getting free money from the government of your country, ensure that you visit government’s official websites or their office regularly to keep tab on when they will advertise their grant programs. You can also keep tab with the National Dallies or National TV stations; they will also advertise via this medium.

5. Be Prompt in Sending in Your Applications and Also Ensure You Support It the Needed Documents

Although, the government is willing to give out free monies to entrepreneurs and students doesn’t not mean that they will give such money to whoever apply for it; there is a modality but in place to screen applicants. In most cases those who are among the first set of people to apply (early birds) usually have some form of advantage over turn in their applications late.

In essence, in order to maximize your opportunity to get free money from the government of your country, ensure that you are prompt in sending in your applications. Before mailing your application ensure that you attach all the supporting documents as requested.

6. Polish Your Presentation Skills In case You Are Required To Pitch Your Business Idea

In some instance as a means of screening applicants, you will be required to pitch your business ideas. You may have a fantastic business idea but if you cannot communicate the idea to stakeholders, you might not get free money from the government.

7. As a Student Ensure That You Maintain Good Grades and Character in School

Yet another way to access money from the government if you want to get free money – is via scholarship from the government as a student, you must ensure that you maintain good grades and good character in school. This is important as that is some of the laid down yardsticks you must meet.



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