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6 Real Things For Anyone Who LOVES Food


1. Always hungry; You don’t know what it feels like to be full, because you are always hungry. Even after you just ate a big bowl of eba and efo riro, you would jump at the next available meal.

2.Free food; This is your best skill. Whether the food was provided by your enemy or friend, it makes no difference and you would pounce on it anyways. In fact, your only reason for attending a wedding or birthday, is because of the free food that will be available.

3.Never share; When someone asks you to share your food with them, the reaction that comes to mind is tantamount to being asked for your life. In fact, you would gladly lay your life down than give away your food.

4.You never have leftovers: There is no such thing as having food you couldn’t finish on your plate. Then only time you pretend to leave some food on your plate is when you are in the prying eye of the public but even at that. What you leave that can only be viewed with the aid of a powerful microscope.

5. Eating is the key: In fact, your solution for happiness, sadness, anxiety or depression is eating. You exclusively dream about food and will eat anything and anywhere. And not until you have eaten more than 5 wraps of pounded yam, semo or fufu, nothing is food not even that huge loaf of agege bread and big plate of ewa agoyin, you consumed 5mins ago.

6. Nag for food: If you would nag the happiness out of your wife/husband and marriage because she didn’t cook for you or he didn’t provide a lot of money for you to cook that same food you saw on your favourite food TV show.


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