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7 Trendy Ways To Wear Ankara To Work

corporate ankara style

Generally it has become a trend to wear Ankara to work only on Fridays and this should not be so because Ankara is same with every other fabric. If you can wear prints to work why not Ankara?

Today, we will be showing you different ways to wear Ankara to work 5days of the week without making it seem like you’re on your way to church or an owambe party.

Ankara pencil skirt: Every lady needs the ankara pencil skirt just like the normal pencil, if you don’t already have one so get one. You can always switch between different designs and patterns. Wear these with a shirt, tanks and blazers, even with an off shoulder top you’ll still look fly.


dashiki pencil skirt

Ankara blazer: Ankara blazers are everywhere now, if you are skeptical about wearing the suit, use just the blazer, pair this with a simple gown or a tank and shirt.


Ankara Maxi and midi skirt: These are a really good option especially on days when you want a simple outfit. Just pair them right and you’ll still slay.ankara-midi-skirt-fashion-pheeva.JPG2_

Ankara pant:  They are very pretty too and can be worn just like every other pant you own in your wardrobe.
Ankara peplum top
Ankara gown
Ankara accessories: Luckily we have different ankara accessories like Bags, shoes, earrings etc all made of Ankara fabrics. Get them, use them!!Capture

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