7 Types Of Nigerian Students You Are Most Likely To Find In An Exam Hall

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The life of a Nigerian student is always one filled with adventure, whether in primary, secondary or university, the experience we gather from there have a way of shaping our history. From the start of the term to the end, there are certain activities which are bound to happen and examinations is one critical part of them. No student dead or alive could skip this stage, even if they wanted to. During exams, a lot of things happened and we find different types of students in the exam hall.

Spliters: These are the ones who split the reading with their friend(s) and expect to share ideas in the exam hall. The deal is for one friend to answer the questions that come from their side and the other person answers the ones that comes from theirs. The tragedy of this arrangement is when a teacher or invigilator suddenly split the two splitters in the exam hall. That would literally be the end for any of the group member, whose side doesn’t come out.

Carriers: These ones bring in micro chips into the exam hall. These chips are small papers in which likely answers to exam questions have been written on or tattoo answers on their bodies. These ones have to be extremely smart and alert so no one catches them.

Copiers: These ones come into the exam hall with nothing. They hold nothing in neither their heads nor pockets. Their plan is to sit beside an intelligent friend and  copy word for word.

Quiet: These are those who would neither speak nor be spoken to. They mind their business in the hall. No one asks them any question and even if you do, they wouldn’t answer.

Clueless: These ones have nothing in their head, hardly even attended classes and have no strategic plan to copy or use chips. They just flow with the rhythm. For those in the university, they are the set of students who only go into the hall to mark exam register.

First to submit: These ones comes in two categories. The ones who are actually scholars, they know their stuff and finish before everyone else, then there are those who know nothing and instead of wasting their time and that of the invigilators, they just go ahead and submit.

Those who will never submit: Invigilators end up waiting for them endlessly to finish, they are still there even when others have long gone home.

Seriously guys, which one were you???


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