7 Most Unbelievable Locations In The World

You won’t believe that all these splendid places exist! They look absolutely incredible.

1. Wisteria Flower Tunnel (Kawachi Fujien Kitakyushu, Japan)

This flower garden is located in Japan and is a private area found only 6 hours away from the capital city of Tokyo. When the blooming season approaches, hundreds of wisteria trees start blooming. The place turns pink, purple and white creating tunnels resembling those you once saw in a Disney fairy tale. To enter the garden costs $8 – not expensive at all to pay to find yourself amidst such incredible beauty.

7 Most Unbelievable Locations on the Planet

2. Cave of the Crystals (Naica, Mexico)

Google the name and check out the pictures available on the Internet. You simply must see what this location looks like. Pay attention to the person for scale. Just imagine – all those crystals are 40 feet long. Sadly enough, crystals are reported to decompose in oxygen. That’s why tourists and scientists are trying to race against the clock – they take photos and document the area before it is ruined.

7 Most Unbelievable Locations on the Planet Cave of the Crystals

3. Trollstigen (Rauma Municipality, Norway)

In Norway there is a road called Trollstigen (‘troll’s ladder’). The road is famous in Rauma municipality and far beyond. What makes it special is its steep incline leading you to the top of the mountain. Standing on the Stigfossen Waterfall Bridge you will enjoy the breathtaking views surrounding you. The place can be visited in the summertime only since it is too dangerous in cold and slippery winter months.

7 Most Unbelievable Locations on the Planet7 Most Unbelievable Locations on the Planet Trollstigen

4. Great Blue Hole (Lighthouse Reef, Belize)

The Caribbean Sea is where the Great Blue Hole is located. It is relatively close to Belize and is part of the Lighthouse Reef. The area is popular among scuba divers. You might ask why The Great Blue Hole has such an unusual color. The hole itself is darker than the waters surrounding it since it is over 400 feet deep.

7 Most Unbelievable Locations on the Planet Great Blue Hole

5. Salar de Uyuni (Daniel Campos Province, Bolivia)

If you want to find out what being an angel and walking on the clouds feels like, visit Bolivia. There is Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat on the planet. The area covers more than 4,000 square miles. Underneath the flat there is briny water. In the wintertime, the water creates a wonderful mirror. It reflects the sky and makes you believe as if you were stepping on the sky.

7 Most Unbelievable Locations on the Planet Salar de Uyuni

6. Glass Beach (Fort Bragg, California)

In 1900s it was permitted to dump garbage into the waters of the area. Because of this, the city of Fort Bragg is now famous for its unusual pebbles that were once formed from glass plates and bottles. It is not dangerous to walk on them since the edges are smoothed by the water. It looks as if marbles and candies were scattered by some naughty kid all over the place – the beach is colorful and does not look anything like the beaches you have seen before.

7 Most Unbelievable Locations on the Planet Glass Beach

7. Travertine-Terraced Hot Springs (Pamukkale, Turkey)

What you see is not snow at all. The desert is covered with travertine, a mineral that results from hot spring waters in this location. Visit the place and soak in the stepped pools. There the waters are divine – around 100°F. Unfortunately, some of the pools are already empty – formed hotels drained them for their own use.

7 Most Unbelievable Locations on the Planet ravertineTerraced Hot Springs


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