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7 Val Cards For Your Partner That Hates Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone – in fact, some people just downright hate everything about it.

If you want to buy your partner a card, but they hate Valentine’s Day, here’s a collection that’s sure to make them smile.

1. ‘You mean so much to me that I got you this folded in half piece of paper’

(Picture: Etsy)
2. ‘You know your life would suck balls without me’

(Picture: Etsy)
3. ‘I’d walk through fire for you, well not fire, because it’s dangerous’ 
(Picture: Etsy)
4. ‘Slushy Romantic Card: Now let’s get drunk and shag’
(Picture: Dean Morris Cards)
5. ‘This is the cheesiest Valentine’s card I could find’
(Picture: NOTHS)
6. ‘You can have my heart but not my chips’
(Picture: NOTHS)
‘I love you like Kanye loves Kanye’
(Picture: Etsy)



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