8 Foods You Should Eat To Have A Bigger Butt

You need to feed your muscles some particular nutrients which it would then mix and add to give you that extra flesh you crave for in your buttock. Hope you’re aware that doing just squats and not changing your diet will do little to nothing in increasing your butt.

Here are 8 things to  eat in the right proportion if you really want to get that “fat ass” you crave.


In order to get some “junk in the trunk,” you have to eat healthy foods that’ll make your butt bigger. Eating a daily assortment of nuts can get you started on the right track. Mixed nuts usually consist of cashews, almonds, and peanuts. They give you a big dose of protein and healthy fats which can help increase the size of your rear.



Avocado is an all around healthy food choice. This green-fleshed fruit is loaded with potassium, fiber, and various minerals and vitamins. However, the great thing about avocado is that it’s made with fat—particularly monounsaturated fat. If you’re not careful, #avocado can put you in a position where you’re gaining too much weight. Therefore, eat it in moderation, but have fun with it.


Whether boiled,fried or poached eggs have a ton of protein, ready to make its way to your trunk! Eggs are well known for being a food that’s high in protein so it’s no surprise that it made the list for booty-enhancing foods. Remember to keep the servings to only two per day, since you don’t want to push up your cholesterol while you are busy building those butt muscles.



As with any diet, these are essential for good health. They will benefit your whole body, not just your booty. Look for leafy green vegetables, cucumbers, tomatoes, berries and the likes.


Tuna is actually great for your booty. One can of tuna holds a little less than 200 calories and is a perfect source of protein and healthy fat.



Yes, the potato has carbohydrates that most #people cut back on when they’re trying to lose weight, but if you’re trying to get a little more “cushion for the pushin’,” then don’t eliminate this food. You have to eat this vegetable in moderation because even one medium-sized potato has 163 calories. Yet, potatoes are a great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and potassium.



Beans get a bad rap because they can cause bloating but the truth is, they’re packed with protein and contain amino acids that can help build up muscle. Another bonus is that beans are the most inexpensive source of protein and they’re a great source of antioxidants!



Turkey is a rich source of protein. It’s actually one of the leanest meats out there and it tastes fantastic. Replace a lot of the fatty hamburger you are using and instead, switch with turkey.


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