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8 Foods Every Nigerian Wife Should Have In Her Kitchen

Nigerian ladies getting married are always prepared for the enormous tasks they may be facing once they are married. There are simple meals Nigerian women are expected to be able to prepare without any itch. They are raised as super women who can multitask and see to the needs of their immediate family members.

Being a married woman in Nigeria is definitely no joke. This is because the society does not believe in women buying foods when they are married.  You are expected to be able to make healthy meals for your husband and children. We cannot compare our culture and tradition with that of the western world where families eat out and buy processed meals.

Doing that does not work for our environment as you may run into debt before you know it. Another thing that will not make that practice survive in Nigeria is the fact that most eligible bachelors get married because they want to eat healthy and good meals while saving as much as they can. What is the point of getting married when you end up spending more on bought foods?

With or without money, every good Nigerian wife is expected to have some foods in her kitchen. Find below some of the foods you are expected to find in the kitchen of a good Nigerian wife:

1. Rice

No one is expecting your store to be filled with foodstuffs with the economic situation. The least you can do is to buy the little that will last your household for three months. Rice is a staple food in most Nigerian homes. The fact that it is easy to make and quick to prepare will make it your best bet any time.

2. Garri

A good Nigerian wife must have this foodstuff in her kitchen. It is one of the quickest meals you can prepare when you need to save the day. Some children prefer drinking it while men love eating it with vegetable soup. This food has been saving Nigerians since time immemorial. It is a must have in a Nigerian home.

3. Beans

Most of the foods we consume here are carbohydrates. In order to spice things up and balance your diet, you will need to have this foodstuff in your kitchen as a good Nigerian wife. This means that you can make Moin-moin and Akara anytime you want if you have it at home.

4. Noodles

There is no way you will not buy this product if you have kids in the house. Not only is it loaded with vitamin A which is good for their sight, it is delicious and quick to prepare. Some grown up men enjoy eating this too. As a Nigerian woman that is married, having the interest of your family members at heart should be a priority.

5. Vegetable and palm oil

Most of the foods listed above may not be edible if palm oil or vegetable oil is not added to them. Having this in your kitchen is important as you can always save the day by making concoction with it.

6. Ground pepper and tomato paste

In as much as you love freshly made meals and stews, some days will require your creativity as woman. You will be expected to make a great meal from the foodstuffs you have at home. The tomato paste and ground pepper will always put you at the top of your game in the kitchen.

7. Dried vegetables and fish

As a Nigerian woman, you need to have dried vegetables and fish stocked in your kitchen. You may not be able to make a proper meal with eggs. But with dried fish, you will be cooking something rich and palatable. Dried fish has its own aroma and unique taste when it is being used to cook. Preserving food in the fridge may be an issue with the power situation here.

8. Spices

As a good Nigerian wife, it is a must for you to have spices in your kitchen. This will help the meals you prepare have great tastes. As empty as your kitchen can be, you should have spices in your kitchen


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