8 Important Things Every Nigerian Job Seeker Should Know

When it comes to connecting professional people through social media, few platforms offer more opportunities than LinkedIn. LinkedIn has spent a long time developing a broad community of professionals at every level of the corporate world, which makes it a very popular platform for job seekers. But before you hunt down your next job on LinkedIn, there are a few things you should know that will help you gain success.

1.Avoid Random Connection Requests

Human resources managers are busy people, and they do not like being bombarded with LinkedIn connection requests from people they do not know. When you make a connection request with a professional on LinkedIn, try to explain your association with that professional to give a feeling of familiarity. If you have no association with that professional, then spend the time to create one.

If you do not know the person at all, then get involved in their LinkedIn wall by liking their content and commenting on some of their posts. After a while, your name will become familiar, and your connection request will have a greater chance of success.

2.Keep It Professional

LinkedIn is a social media platform that connects people to each other, which means that people like to show off a bit of their personality. While it is fine to include a little bit of your personality on your LinkedIn page, you need to keep your overall theme professional if you want to find the best possible job.

3.Ignore Suggested Invites

When you upload your email contact list to LinkedIn, you are given the option of asking all of your email list members to join the website. This is a feature that is best ignored if you want to keep some of your top contacts as references for potential employers, and if you want to find the right job.

LinkedIn is not for everyone, and getting an invite request can sometimes be seen as intrusive. Ignore the invite feature on LinkedIn and only invite those people you know would want to join the site.

4.Use Only Professional Photos

As a general rule, anyone looking to establish a professional online image should be very careful about the pictures that get posted on social media. Since LinkedIn is considered a social media platform for professionals, you should be very careful about every picture that gets posted. You should also consider having a professional take your LinkedIn profile picture to give the right impression to potential employers.

5.Be Strategic In Your LinkedIn Updates

People post information to Facebook several times an hour because that has become the norm for that social media platform. Each and every one of your LinkedIn posts and updates should be strategically done to enhance your professional image, and draw potential employers to your profile.

6.Avoid Arguments

Most people on LinkedIn are there to share information, expand their networks, and make critical professional connections. This is not one of those social media platforms where people are looking for intense arguments about politics or religion. When you use LinkedIn, you need to avoid getting involved in arguments. It is also important to avoid starting arguments with people you do not know.

7.Get Involved In Groups

The groups on LinkedIn attract professionals and business owners from all over the world who want to get together and exchange information. If you want to make quality connections on LinkedIn that could lead to your next job, then you need to get involved in the LinkedIn groups within your industry.

8.Don’t Rely Solely On The LinkedIn Job Board

You would think that a social media platform made up of professionals would be able to put together the best job board on the Internet. But what makes LinkedIn an effective job hunting tool is the fact that there are business owners and managers who use the site regularly to make contacts, and possibly make job offers to the right people.

The LinkedIn job board attracts a lot of job hunters, and will significantly increase the competition for the job you want. While it is a good idea to use the LinkedIn job board to find your next job, you should also be working to make direct connections that can wind up being valuable in your job hunt.

LinkedIn has set itself up as the social media platform of choice for professionals and people looking to promote their businesses. When you use LinkedIn as one of your job hunting resources, it is important to understand how to get the most from this powerful social media website.

Source: nigerianbulletin.com


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