8 Nigerian Music Stars That Have Spent Time In Police Custody

In a way, there’s this street cred you get when you have been in police custody, it in fact, boosts your “street” reputation, cause the streets knows you’ve done time and you shouldn’t be messed with you see… I speak of foreign music acts though, the artistes of the Hip Hop genre especially.

Unlike their foreign counterparts, Nigerian music acts can’t boast of spending “much time” in prison, but they sure can testify of landing in the hands of law enforcement agencies…

… and we are counting down those who have experienced that ordeal in recent times.



The singer spent the night at the police custody after stabbing a club bouncer with a glass cup in a weekend, this past November. The singer has since apologized for his behavior and has been set free.


2Shotz Addresses Ex Wife’s Controversy In New Mixtape

The rap veteran spent a night at the police headquarters, Langbasa Division in Ajah last year after he was arrested for no cause.

According to him, he tried explaining his identity to the police but one way or the other he was dragged in. Few days later 2shotz was invited by the police and the issue was resolved amicably.



Reports flew in from Kenya in 2014 that the singer was invited by the police for questioning and quizzing for smoking illegal substance in their country.

He allegedly got into a heated argument with a hotel front officer after he was told not to smoke the banned substance in their hotel. The singer was later handed to the police and was released with singer Victoria Kimani as the surety.

Sinzu (Sauce Kid)


Rapper Sinzu was apprehended in 2013 for a credit card scam that was filmed by a CCTV in Atlanta.

The mugshot of the rapper formerly known as Sauce Kid didn’t hit the web until 2014. He admited he spent time in jail in one of his songs. He has since become a freeman.



The rap mogul was put in the hands of the Nigeria police by his former label YSG for breaching contractual terms.

He reportedly surrendered the car and apartment provided for him by the label during the dispute. He revealed he was arrested twice over the matter. The second time he was in custody from 3pm to 10pm.

Special ED


OBO’s hypeman and singer Special ED born Edward Chukuma-Jiah was nabbed for fraud in the U.S in 2011.

Special was reportedly arrested on 28th of August 2011 and was released 2days after 30th of August 2011 with $17,000 bond. Special was charged with Financial Credit Card Theft, First Degree Forgery and Identity Fraud

Edward has since completed his community service and is a freeman.



He was put into the hands of the police by his current label Baseline Music. Skales and his former manager Osagie were arrested for financial crime and mismanagement by the music company.

According to Baseline, Skales and his manager were making money that wasn’t documented. The rapper was eventually freed but his manager spent longer time with the Nigerian Police Force.



Rapper Godwon whose real name is Neyu Nyan was arrested after he burgled into the house belonging to another in the U.S.

Godwon stole items during the process and some of the items he stole were seen in his car. The singer had been fingered in 4 burglary cases that happened in the same day.





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