8 Things You Do That Impedes Your Self Esteem


It would be dumb for us to further fuel the low self esteem instead of us to remove it and get back to normal.

Low self esteem is a thing most people suffer from. Even those who pretend to be happy ad put up a front that they have the highest esteem sometime’s have low self esteem. Then again we are all human and when life pulls us down it would take a while for us to rise back up and during that period our esteem would be at it’s lowest.

Here are a few things you might unknowingly (or knowingly) do to fuel your low self esteem.


1. EATING YOUR PAIN AWAY: Tossing candy in your mouth is a way to cope with pain. However, overeating will only make you feel worse about yourself at the end of the day.

2. HIDING INDOORS: Don’t let yourself become a hermit. If you never leave your house, you’re preventing yourself from having a fulfilling life.

3. LISTENING TO SAD SONGS: When you’re upset, depressing music will only make you sadder. That’s why you should start playing happy, upbeat songs. They’ll change your entire attitude.

4. DWELLING IN THE PAST: You can’t dwell on the fact that you used to get made fun of for your weight. You need to move on by letting the past go.

5. WEARING OUTFITS THAT REVEAL TOO MUCH: If you want to wear a crop top and a short skirt, go for it. Just don’t do it, because you think the male attention will make you feel more attractive.

6. REFUSING COMPLIMENTS: When someone compliments you, don’t disagree with them. Just say “thank you” and smile.

7. SPENDING TOO MUCH ON MAKEUP: There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup. However, it’s unhealthy to spend hours and hours applying lipstick and eye liner. You don’t want to become someone who refuses to be seen without makeup.

8. COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE: Everyone is different. There’s no reason for you to compare yourself to your friends or to a famous celebrity, because you’re two completely different people.


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