8 Things Men Really Want For Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and the men are sweating about what to give the women in their lives. It’s not only women who deserve gifts on Valentine’s Day, the men also deserve something that show how much they’re loved.

Some women just want to keep receiving and never give in return. Though, it is sometimes tough to decide what to buy for men.

What do men want for Valentine’s Day? I asked a friend and he replied: What could women possibly buy for us?

Apparently, some men feel their women can’t afford to buy them anything. Some others are used to their women not buying gifts for them as some ladies have the notion that men should do all the buying.

Several men couldn’t answer this ‘simple’ question and some have no idea what they want.

Just know, it’s not how expensive the gift is but the thought that counts.

Below are a few things some men said they would want for Valentine’s Day.

1. Good food: Treating your man to the perfect meal is a delicious way to show how much you care. You could prepare it yourself or from a good restaurant. Your man would love a good homemade food. Sharing really great food with someone whose company you truly enjoy is such an amazing bonding experience. Eating with people we love gives a certain kind of satisfaction.

2. Good sex: It appears men of these days are ‘so in love’ with sex because almost every guy said he wanted good sex on Valentine’s Day. According to some, there’s just something about Valentine’s Day sex. A gift both parties can enjoy. Though, I am of the school of thought that Valentine’s Day is not only about sexual or romantic love.

3. Good Wine: Sure, his intake of alcohol may have caused one or two arguments between you two. But it’s a gift you can be sure he’ll use and enjoy.

4. Customized cards: Tell your man how you really feel about him in a customized card. Sure, he’d appreciate this.

5. Books: If your man loves to read, then get him his favourite author’s collection.

6. Perfumes: Sure, you would want your man to smell nice all the time. Get him his favourite perfume.

7. Wristwatches: Some men are wristwatch freaks and if your man is one of them, then you should get him a good wristwatch.

8. Accessories and underwear: Cufflinks, ties would do. You can help him change that underwear that was originally white but has now become light brown.

Figure out what your man likes doing the most and then choose a present according to it. Surprise your man this Valentine’s Day and do something special. You don’t always have to be at the receiving end. It will make them feel loved and attended to. Give and it shall be given unto you.


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