8 Things That Should Not Be Included In Your Dating Profile

First I congratulate you for putting yourself out there because only the smart and swift can survive in the online dating world. Online dating is not easy, its a bi**h, you can get duped, meet a serial killer or just have a spin of bad lucks. Since you are brave enough to open your heart and mind to love here are a few tweaks that would help you get a lot of *winks*. This 8 things should not be included in your dating profile; Lets get started:

1. A Photograph of you and your Ex


Whether you cropped it or not, this photograph should be taken down. It brings back unwanted memory and unnecessary questions.

2. The “I love to laugh Phrase


Okay, so who hates to laugh? You should know everyone loves to laugh is that really profile worthy? Think about it.

3. Your Address



Never Ever Ever! Really do I need to reemphasize this, I probably do Ever!! put out your address, you are simply inviting creeps to your home. Since you are grown you can meet up at the bar.

4.  List of deal breakers


Are you sure you know why you resulted to online dating (No offence)? Its a no go if they cry at movies, Oh purlzzzz…Keep it on the inside.

5. Your Bra Size

Really, save that for snap chat Next!!

6. How Much You Want A family Soon


We know you love kids but really, that’s not for your profile save it for the 5th (10th) date.

7. No cats please


I once knew a cat lady but am sure she wouldn’t occupy her profile with pictures of herself and her cats.

8. Numbers


Do not use any number at all, nobody wants to know your sexual conquest or how hot a man who can bench press at least 500 is to you…



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