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8 Ways to have fun on a business trip to Lagos

At first, business travel seem to be a treat as the first trip gives a certain rush, however, after hundreds of thousands of stress induced panic attacks, you start to realize why people complain about travelling for work.

Between the early-morning airport shuttles, the flight delays that airlines are famous for, followed by a whirlwind day of meetings, and a long night on an extremely uncomfortable hotel bed that leaves you treading through deadlines like a zombie, business travel can be quite a chore!

In the quest to add some motivation and enjoyment into business travel, Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal, has pulled together some of the most exciting ways to make business travel fun. After all, work, like social media, should be fun

Check out the sights

What is the point of traveling if you do not take a little time to explore your destination? Lagos is the best city in Nigeria to have fun as there are so many tourist sites and attractions you can visit on the island and mainland-; including the National Arts theatre, Black heritage Museum, Badagry, freedom park, African Shrine, Lekki conservation centre.

Got an hour or two to kill between meetings or events? Why not explore a nearby historic district? Ask a local to take you around the most interesting sights. Whatever you choose, make sure you do not miss the famous landmarks, buildings, museums, or activities that pique your interest. Enjoy soaking up local culture and learning something new.

businessman on the beach

Explore the Local Waterways

Lagos is a coastal city and has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean. Take some time off after a hard day and enjoy its natural beauty. Water always helps calm and soothe the soul, something that is often necessary on hectic business trips. Try a boat cruise or canoe ride and get paddled by a local from the island to the mainland. It will be an exhilarating experience.

Visit the spa

Business trips often revolve around work, implying a lot of stress and little time for yourself. More often than not, you may be wrapped in uncomfortable formal outfits, running around all day long to meet deadlines. But the fact that you have got a ton of work to do  is no reason not to make the most of the spa in your hotel or neighbourhood. A 50-minute basic spa treatment in most sanatoriums within the city blends a hydrating scrub, detoxifying steam, and some much-needed alone time.

Hit the streets for food

When in Nigeria… eat Nigerian meals! Do not miss out on famous local dishes  and street foods in the city. You may love your native meals but when was the last time you tried something new? Taste a little amala and ewedu, akara and ogi or the popular local suya . You might like it so much, you ask for the recipe so you can share it with your friends and family! Be brave and try the local drinks as well, just be careful not to get too drunk – working with a headache and a hangover probably won’t leave the best impression at your presentation or business meeting.


Take a dip in the Hotel Pool

A dip in the pool is such a nice way to loosen up your muscles from the long cramped flights and stiff hotel beds.  If your hotel has a pool, with a cocktail on the side, enjoy relaxing swim after a hectic day. You can also go for a dip in the morning before your day starts as a refreshing wake-up excers.

Go shopping

There is more to Lagos City than clubs and showbiz—not that there is anything wrong with a little strategically timed indulgence. This town is a popular destination for all round shopping. Agreed, not everyone loves shopping, but if you are in a big city likeLagos, there will be big shopping malls around each major corner. Whether it is a souvenir, gifts for your loved ones or family,an outfit for that business dinner or just popcorn, have fun buying yourself something nice. You may be there for work, but who is to say you cannot spend your hard earned cash?


Eat at a fancy restaurant

If you are not a huge fan of shopping or sightseeing, you can treat yourself to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Trust us, it will be worth it. Turn up for dinner at Southern Sun, Ikoyi, where the chef’s menu has expense-account-worthy items for you to splurge on. If you want to take things down a notch, try heading to Surulere, where the restaurants and bars are more down-to-earth.

Watch the sunset on the beach

Do not let yourself get caught up in work so much you do not have time to just sit and take in the beauty of nature.The crown jewel of Nigeria, Lagos, offers easy access to the numerous beaches around the city, ideal for turning that long trip from home into a vacation. Work on your schedule so you can have some time to take a stroll down one of the private seasides watching the sun set. Talk to your boss and ask for a day off before and after the trip to give you room to rest and make your journey a memorable one.


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