5 New Things About $2bn Arms Probe Every Nigerian Should Know

Nigeria – The media has been awash with reports about the probe of the past Goodluck Jonathan regime for fraudulent practices in procurement of arms.

Ex NSA, Sambo Dasuki, about 20 military personnel and a host of other Nigerians have been arrested of recent for their connection to a $2bn fraudulent arms deal.

Here are new information concerning the ongoing investigation into the matter according to The Nation:

1. Sambo Dasuki has opened up (a can of worms), naming ex governors and PDP chiefs who also made some cash from the deal
2. The probe will be extended to the seizure of the $9.34m cash smuggled into South Africa.
3. Most of the people in EFCC custody have admitted to collecting huge sums of money from the office of the NSA
4. Some of the diverted funds have been traced to a bureau de change owned by a former member of the staff of the ONSA.
5. EFCC doesn’t want to release the suspects in order to prevent them from running to the court and stopping the investigation

More people are expected to be arrested or brought in for questioning in the next few days.


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