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Google Will Speed Up The Mobile Web Come Early 2016


Google’s initiative to make the web load faster on mobile browsers will roll out in early 2016. Already, the search leader has secured commitments from some of the top news outlets, ad servers and analytic services in the world.

The Mountain View tech giant made clear its intention to speed up the Mobile Web in October when it announced theAccelerated Mobile Pages project. AMP, as it is more commonly known, achieves this goal by creating a set of technical specifications that publishers can adopt to make their  websites and online content load up faster when accessed by mobile browsers.

On the content side, AMP has received pledges from the likes of CBS Interactive, AOL, Al Jazeera America and The Next Web, among others.  AMP has also received pledges from online advertising services including AdSense, Outbrain and openX. Top web analysts have also stated their intention to adopt the AMP framework.

For consumers, the release of AMP will be beneficial in many ways. AMP will make it easier for all kinds of content, whether it be text, photos, videos or ads, to load on their mobile browsers. AMp essentially makes web pages load up more efficiently, which could reduce the amount of data users spend surfing the web on their phones.

For Google, AMP is an answer to Facebook’s Instant Articles feature that was released earlier this year. That feature makes it possible for Facebook users to rapidly access articles from a select group of news outlets when using the social network’s mobile app.


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