Top 10 Best Christmas Gift and Toys For Your Child

Choosing Christmas presents for the little ones in your life should be a magical experience. But battling the crowds in busy high-street toy shops in December can be enough to sap the festive spirit out of even the most seasoned Christmas shopper.

So to prevent you getting jaded before the festivities have even begun, we’ve done the (little) donkeywork for you.

1.Blocks. Wooden or Duplo. Simple wooden blocks are timeless. Duplo blocks are loved and used for a remarkably wide range of activities and age range.

2. Trolleys. Simple, robust, inside and outdoor worthy rolling vessels to fill, push and pull. Brilliant for little ones as they work on their gross motor skills, and older ones engaged in imaginative play.

3. A sturdy plastic paddle pool. For water play and sand vessel all year round, and paddling in the summer. We also use ours for warm outdoor baths on our veranda all year round.

4. Trampoline. A big ticket purchase, but worthwhile. Used daily, for a multitude of imaginative uses (including the mud-puddle underneath), and brilliant when friends come around.

If you have the space and can afford one, well worth the investment.

5. Bikes. Running bikes, scooters and trikes. What can I say? Kids love trikes and bikes and they get our little ones outdoors and moving.

6. Wooden train set. Great for boys and girls alike, they encourage creativity, problem solving and motor skills.

7. Sturdy dump truck. For boys and girls who like to fill and push and make grrr and brmmm noises. Because they may be used so endlessly, a high quality non-plastic one is a worthwhile investment.

8. Sand pit. Good clean dirty sandy fun with a remarkable age range for enjoyment.

9. A swing. Endless hours spent swinging, although sometimes tiresome for the one doing the pushing, they are well worth it.

10.Books. Nurturing a love of books is a great gift we can give our children from a very early age. And while libraries generally fill our quota, they are always a welcome gift.


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