9 Causes Of Armpit Lumps


A lump in the armpit may cause concern whether it’s painful or not. Lymph nodes play an important role in your immune system. When they swell a bit, you tend to see a lump under your arm.

Why do they swell? Well, the reasons could be many. Shaving, infections, medication or even deodorants could be the reason behind the lump under your arms. In some cases, these lumps may also signify a major health issue too. If the lump or swell doesn’t heal within 10 days, it is better to visit a doctor because it could be a serious underlying issue.

Here are 9 causes of those lumps:

Deodorant: When your body is allergic to a particular deodorant you have used, you can see a swelling in the arm pit after a few hours. Also, certain antiperspirants tend to clog the pores to reduce the sweating. This may cause swelling or bump in the arm pit.

Infections: In most of the teenagers, certain bacterial infections are commonly seen. The sweat glands which are hyperactive in that age could be one reason. A doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics.

Virus: Herpes, chicken pox, shingles and even HIV can cause lumps under the rams. That is why it is important to get yourself tested to rule out such infections.

Medications: Some medicines could also cause swelling in the armpits. In some people, flu shots or other vaccinations could cause painful swelling in the armpits.

Ingrown hair: Sometimes, ingrown hair could be the reason behind lumps under the arms in men. Ingrown hair occurs due to shaving. When ingrown hair gets infected due to bacteria, it may cause swelling in the arm pit.

Hormones: In some men, even excessive production of thyroid hormone may also cause swelling under the arms. Even stress could some times cause lumps under the arms.

Lymph nodes: Lymph nodes tend to swell when they combat viral, bacterial or fungal infections. They swell in the areas of neck, groin area, arm pits etc. In a few days, the swelling would be gone.

Scratching: Itching of the armpits is not uncommon. Given the hair, sweat, skin oils and lack of ventilation there may be occasional itching despite a lack of any skin disease. Aggressive scratching of the skin can easily injure it. Having long nails or jagged nails may injure the skin easily and more extensively. It can further lead to bacterial skin infections as dirt under long nails and bacteria from the mouth on bitten nails are introduced into the skin tears.

Cancer: Enlargement of a lymph node can occur with cancer even if the lymph node itself is not affected. The cancer cells may disseminate from its original site where it developed and travel through the lymphatic vessels to other sites. The function of the lymph nodes is to identify these cancerous cells and destroy it. Sometimes the lymph node itself is affected by cancer (primary lymphoma). Breast cancer is one of the types of cancer where the armpit lymph nodes become enlarged but other cancers may also be responsible.


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