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9 Embarrassing Things Ladies Do But Will NEVER Admit To

Are you one of the ladies who wears the same bra repeatedly and never washes her jeans?, there are so many things we all are guilty of as ladies. Let’s face it, ladies: we’re all guilty of doing some gross things behind closed doors, but its high time we stopped such habits.

Here are embarrassing things all women do, but will never admit to.

Profusely picking your nose when nobody’s looking: Women do this probably much more than you think. Especially in the car or really anywhere when there isn’t a tissue handy. I mean, who’s going to get up and get a tissue when I can just get in there and take care of things? Ladies, you feel me?

Smelling something you’ve just worn and chucking it in a drawer of clean stuff: To be truthful most of us do it, wearing a cloth for few hours because it doesn’t smell you hang it back to wear some other time assuming it’s still clean, most of us can relate.

We are particular about pooping in public: When we have to (and absolutely HAVE to) go while out in public, we try to pretend we’re not in the toilet and act dead silent if someone comes in. We won’t poop until they’re left alone in the bathroom. If they came to poop, there is usually a poop stalemate and nobody wins in a poop stalemate.

Refusing to throw away pants with yellow, red and brown stains: What? We’ll need them again during our next period, and no one wants to ruin the nice fancy panties again when it comes to the IMPENDING DOOM that is your time of the month. And so, period pants are born.

Not washing our jeans enough: Er, there’s no harm in wearing skinny jeans day in/day out with marks all over; only letting up when the shape has gone but most of us wear our jeans uncountable times without washing them.

Wearing the same bra repeatedly: So b00b sweat might be a thing, but washing our bras as much as we should definitely isn’t because we’ve all got that one favourite bra that fits so much better than all the others, but also because washing ruins them and we really wouldn’t want that we assume they just don’t get dirty and then wear the same one day after day. Even if we have a whole drawer full of bras, we probably only wear a few of our favorites. We don’t want them get ruined in the wash.

Sniffing your armpits to see if you have body odour: Whenever someone mentions a bad smell, you automatically assume it’s you because at times remembering deodorant is hard. At least knowing is half the battle, even if it does turn out you’re the smelly one.

We deal with “that time of the month” creatively: Have you ever been out and about and discovered that your friend (period) came for a visit and you have no pads or tampons with you? Yes, women have to get all DIY by rolling up wads of toilet paper or…we bleed in our underwear. Yes, we know it’s gross but unfortunately inevitable at times. We soak it afterwards in the bath or sink and sometimes forget about that too.

Smelling your cr0tch to see if you’ve got stank down there: This is especially common around your period, when you’re especially conscious of weird smells. Better triple check you’re not giving off a weird stench.



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