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9 Things You’ll Understand If You’ve Ever Been Part Of A Choir In A Nigerian Church!

1. When your mother forces you to join the youth choir.


Hay God!

2. Every Nigerian choir’s best friend:


That Yamaha keyboard.

3. When you come for choir practice on Saturday and nobody is around.


You will now wait forever.

4. When the choir leader tells you that you’re taking the solo on Sunday.

jeso kreste

Just like that?

5. When the choir hasn’t sang Kirk Franklin in two Sundays.

strong face

Something must be wrong.

6. Nigerian choirs and “Jehovah you are the most high” X 1000


They must sing it.

7. When the person leading praise and worship starts singing an oyinbo song nobody knows.

kanye confused

Where do you think you are?

8. How the choir runs to the mic when the pastor suddenly starts singing during the message:

running away

Can’t leave the pastor hanging.

9. When the choir spends half of choir practice arguing about the colour scheme for Sunday.


Na wa for una.


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