9 Wrong Companions In Marriage

There are persons that have been anointed by the devil to tear down marriages. They come as friends but they are foes, the smile at you and pretend to be interested in your plight not knowing they are there to tear down the harmony in your marriage. They possess the following traits:
1. They speak often of the challenges of other People marriage.
2. They at times tell you of the flaw of your spouse.
3. They are quick to suggest prayer or prophet or even harbalist place to you for a solution.
4. They do not talk of Holiness and personal prayers in dealing with family issues.
5. They do not have a personal experience of salvation so they will not talk of that.
6. They exalt the devil in their much emphasise on demons, witches and wicked people.
7. They always want to help you and be by your side talking about people.
8. They secretly discredit you to your spouse and make your spouse to start suspecting and monitoring you.
9. They can be found in the same church, office or business10. They take advantage of your weakness and busy schedule to devastate your marriage.

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