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Mark Zuckerberg arrives Nigeria on Tuesday, August 30. Facebook founder says why he loves Hausa language. The man who is one of the top ten richest men in the world visits Africa for the first time Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said he was proud of putting Hausa language software on his website. Zuckerberg made this known while speaking on the first day of his visit to Nigeria, which began in Lagos state; the visit was his first to Africa.


Mark Zuckerberg

He has already met with youths who associate themselves with technology companies to further encourage them. A statement by the Facebook company said Zuckerberg went to Nigeria for business research. “Mark will listen to people, take note of lessons and opinion on how Facebook will help in the development of telecommunications in Africa,” reads the statement.”

The Facebook president posted on his Facebook page that “I will learn lessons on how to set up small businesses in the field of telecommunications in Nigeria  “This place attracted me so much, and I’m ready to learn many things.” The Facebook founder said he was proud of using Hausa language on Facebook site, and he also said they will continue to put the remaining languages in Nigeria on his website.

Statistics shows that Nigerians use Facebook more than all other countries in Africa. Zuckerberg came all the way from Italy, where he met with Pope Francis and spoke on the importance of proposed allowing people to contact each other and the web most especially in places with no software. The Facebook founder is the seventh wealthiest man in the world. Zuckerberg came into Nigeria discreetly in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 30 after spending some time in Rome, Italy, on Monday, August 29, where he met Pope Francis.

Mark Zuckerberg with Nigerian youths

Mark Zuckerberg with Nigerian youths


Mark Zuckerberg with his Nigerian admirers


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