African Child Day: 5 Things Every Nigerian Must Do

June 16 is Day of the African Child also known as the International Day of the African Child, celebrated annually since 1991. As the world celebrates the African child, we bring you 5 things you could do to better the lives of children around you because they are tomorrow’s leaders.

1. All children have the right to safe water and good hygiene.: Make that your gift to children around you. We do not always have to wait on the government. There is a difference each of us can make.

2.Report cases of Child Abuse : It will interest you to know that there are countless cases of silent molestation & r*pe cases being done to kids daily. Kids are living in fear in their own homes. Be vigilant and report any case of child abuse and violence to appropriate authorities. And do not molest or abuse any child in your custody.

3.Role model: Make yourself a dignified role model for the African child for the good of Nigeria and the African continent.

4.Education: This is their right. Do not deny them. If you are a teacher be selfless and teach them well. Education is freedom.

5.Peace: Nigeria has failed her children in the troubled Northeast. Many children have had their lives crudely snatched from them, orphaned and starved as a result of insurgence. Lets give them peace not war.

Remember, its easier to build strong children than to fix broken ones. Lets change the way outsiders see Nigerian/African children.

Today we remember all those children who lost their lives in Boko Haram attacks.

Source: Naijamouthed


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