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#AishaSaga: Check Out List Of Other Rooms Buhari May Be Referring To

During a joint press briefing with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Buhari while responding to a question about his wife said: “I don’t know what opposition party my wife belongs to; but I know she belongs to my kitchen, my living room and the other room.”

This statement grabbed the attention of many Nigerians with many wondering what the other room is. Everyone knows the kitchen part and the living room part but don’t know the other room.

What other room could the president be referring to?

1. Bedroom: Could it be that the president made a sexual joke?

2. Confidential room: May be Aisha belongs to that room where he shares all some his secrets with her.

3. Tea room: It could be that the president loves tea and his wife belongs to that room where she can prepare all the tea he wants.

4. The safe room: It could be the room where he keeps all his wealth which he has kept hidden from the world and Aisha is in charge.

5. Exercise room: You know the president has to keep fit. So Aisha has to make sure of that.

6. Dressing room: The first lady has to look good all the time and her husband too.

7. War room: If you’ve seen the movie ‘war room’, you’ll understand what this room is for.

8. The guest room: May be the first lady is just a guest who has no say.



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