All You Need To Know About The Clash Of The Thundergods, Sango And Thor

The legendary epic of notable individuals who had hitherto lived on the planet earth for hundreds of centuries cannot be overemphasized. Their mystical powers had transformed them from ordinary humans to gods owing to their undeniable magical powers that has carved them a niche in the mythological world. Their existence was strong enough to provoke remarkable global interest which has continued to spur human fellowship and socio-cultural reverence.

Notably enough, the existence of Sango and Thor amongst others has impacted the lives of many dispersed wide and far, the world over. Despite the fact that both Sango and Thor lived in different continents at relatively different times, their power are undeniably similar to a great extent.

In the same mythological propositions and claims of Thor in the Norse mythological world, Sango is considered one of the highest gods and was a warlord that ruled the ancient Oyo Empire. Sango was seen to be the creator and master of lightning and thunder (and anything that had to do with hurricanes and storms).

In fact, the name Sango stands for the thunder god owing to his ability to evoke ‘thunderbolt’ at will. He possessed the ability to shoot lightning strikes with his axe as well as create storms to burn down his enemies. As well as being associated with weather, he is known for his attribution to war, believed to be a fearsome and unforgiving god. The two gods are both thunder lightening warlords that have the abilities to strike thunder when they pleases.

They both had staffs that are associated with their powers. For Sango, he had a double axe while Thor had a hammer. The incredible powers that these two gods possess have continued to puzzle many a people on who really owns the dominion of thunder in the religious and cultural realm. Arguably, many cultures share a great deal of similarity; hence they have identical gods or mystical individuals owing to cultural intersections or diffusion which was borne out of cultural mix. Though, the progenitor, sole ownership and the supreme potency of such miraculous powers possessed by these gods have remained shrouded in obscurity as the adherents tend to attribute the right to their respective gods which is borne out of sentiment.

Flowing from this dynamics, imagine a possibility of war between the two gods on the dominion of the thunder lightening power, the possibility of a battle or clash of the gods of thunder. With the historical antecedents that led to the disappearance/vanishing of Sango, it can least be possible that he will be menaced by high temperament and lust for autocratic and total dominion of thunder owing to the fact that the thunder he created struck his palace and burnt it to the ground.

To followers of Sango religion in the world over particularly Osun state, south western part of Nigeria, Sango is the only living god that has the independent power to strike thunder and lightning. On the other hand, the hammer wielding god that invokes thunder and

lightning in the Norse mythology, Thor, will definitely long for a self acclaimed king of thunder and god of fertility. Since both are immune to lightning and thunder, it really will be a scene to behold for the show and exhibition of resilience, strategy and consistency.

The sky will definitely ring with thunder and the hits from the axe and hammer will be ponderous. Whoever wins the battle, it will never be a flawless victory. These two gods have been christened with the god of thunder for centuries; it is only natural to imagine that this fight for dominance has been brewing for a while. Since both of them are product of mythological gods, neither is special to each other.

There is no gainsaying the world will stand still in terror as the skies light up and chaos permeates the air. Just imagine both gods wielding power of thunder and lightning maliciously inflicting brutal strikes, fighting for  significance with only one objective which is to emerge the last god standing.

Ultimately, it will be a pretty even match with a balanced power and show of mystical wonders. Someday, Hollywood and Nollywood might bring this epic to the theatres.

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