Here’s The Health Benefits Of Eating Walnuts

walnuts-1024x768Among nuts, the case may be made that walnuts are king, as research shows they may boost the health in a number of ways at very easy-to-achieve doses.

African walnut (Asala or Awusa in Yoruba; Ukpa in Igbo; and Okhue or Okwe in Edo) belongs to the botanical family Euphorbiaceae.  The African walnuts are characterized by a black thick wall that envelopes a white-cream seed, its seed kernel is edible. When eaten raw, they have a bitter flavour not unlike the kola nut and are considered to be tonic and aphrodisiac. We consume bits of walnut during the course of our everyday life in cakes, cookies, snacks etc. Asides appetite quenching, the African walnut is a highly versatile nut. It serves a number of other uses such as: medicine and health uses, furniture uses, dye etc.  The awesome and amazing uses of this fruit includes:

Prevent Heart Disease: the nuts according to recent research carried out prevents heart disease (conary heart disease)it is said to contains amino acid 1-arginine that helps persons with heart disease,lower the risk of sudden cardiac death and supports healthful cholesterol level. it also contain very powerful antioxidant such as flavonol morin,quinone juglone, and tannin tellimagrandin that are rare in most foods one eat, this effective antioxidant helps control heart of age related deterioration.

Cancer prevention: African walnuts contain multiple ingredients; omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and phytosterols that, individually, have been shown to slow cancer growth, consuming walnuts regularly could even reduce the risk for breast cancer in humans. Numerous studies have also shown that regular consumption of walnut can prevent and even slow the progress of prostate cancer.

Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals: African walnut contains vitamins such as  vitamin E,B6,B7, thiamin, folate and also a rich source of magnesium which is highly needed by the body daily.

Helpful for Brain: African walnut contains omega 3 fats, vitamin E and folate which is highly needed by the brain as its supports the area of memory, enhance cognitive functions, and increase inferential reasoning in adults.

Helps in Weight Control: walnut is also helpful in terms of maintaining your ideal weight, as it contains proteins, fiber, omega 3 that helps provide satiety.

Pain:  pains like headache, menstrual pain etc , the leaf juice of the African walnut are considered a headache cure in southern Nigeria and is used to improve and regulate menstrual flow.  The leaf juice is drunk to mitigate prolonged and constant hiccups.

Good Hair Food: African walnut is very high in vitamin, contains vitamin B7 (biotin) that helps to reduce hair fall, strengthen the hair, and improve the hair growth, so that makes it a good hair food.

Presence of Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acid: African walnut also contains a lot of omega 3 and 6 fatty acid that is very vital for the body for disease prevention, blood clothing, cell growth, and immune infection.

Improve Fertility in Men: Daily intake of African Walnut according to findings, also help to improve the quality of sperm in men, including vitality, motility and morphology.

Medicinal Purpose: walnuts are also considered to be traditional herb in Chinese, as it is use to stop asthma, used for elderly ones to cure constipation, and finally the bark is used in tea as laxative and chewed for toothache.

Prevent Diabetes: According to various research conducted, people that are obese and with type 2 diabetes should include walnut as an essential part of their diet as it lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.


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