Why Anglican Churches Will No Longer Accept Tube-Wedding Dresses

According to Most Rev. Emmanual Chukwuma, Archbishop of the Anglican Arch-Diocese of Enugu, the Anglican Church has banned the wearing of tube dresses to weddings, receptions and Sunday services.

Chukwuma stated that priests and senior clergymen have been informed to inspect indecent dresses and approve wedding gowns before the solemnisation ceremony.

The Archbishop further stated that the Anglican Church will no longer accept veils used in covering tube-wedding dresses.

I have directed ushers and wardens in various churches in Enugu to ensure that no topless dressed girl, lady or women enters into the Church under any guise,” Chukwuma said.

Whether it is the Church wedding, reception or any other programme celebrated in the church or within the church premises.

“We would collaborate with the governors’ wives to organise seminars and workshops for fashion designers in the zone for them to join this campaign.

“Fashion designers should be instrumental in dissuading our girls and mothers from the habit of wearing topless dresses,” he said.

source: Pulse.ng


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