Anyone Born In Nigeria In the 80/90’s Will Surely Remember These Sweet Childhood Images

Did you grow up in Nigeria? Then you must have had some really exhilarating experiences that are indeed hard to forget. Relive some of those experiences in this compilation.

This hilarious compilation made by Information Nigeria will bring back some of your most cherished childhood memories as a Nigerian who grew up right here. Check them out and you will see that thay spell nothing but a typical Nigerian situation in the 80’s and 90’s.
This was what was in vogue long before the advent of coloured TVs and flat screens. Anyone who had this in their house was considered rich. Anyone who owned one of this never have fresh air in their sitting room as their windows are always blocked because there were always kids clustered there, viewing whatever is on showing on TV.
Which  80’s or 90’s kid didn’t use this in school? Absolutely none.
Cassette was the thing then. Home videos came in cassette those days until CDs came and drove them into extinction.
This was used to rewind cassette. It was known as a manuel or habd rewinder. It also went into exctintion with his boss, that is the cassette.
A pair of these on, you are probably headed to somewhere really special. You don’t wear Kitto and head out to play in the sand. You would be considered a ‘money miss road’ if you try it.
Remember when your mom would dish everyone’s food in separate plates and start calling everyone by their names to come get their food? There was nothing, absolutely nothing different from this and the register called in school.
You probably do not know which maths textbook they use in school now but in those days, it was uniform. From Kano to Kaduna to Lagos to Port Harcout, they were all the same.
All my ladies remember this? Absolute!!!
For as little as N1 and you are chewing away. Very well flavoured and long-lasting, it was one of the best thing to happen to Nigerian kids.
Nowadays, kids want you to buy them all sort of sweets and chocolate but back them, these was all we had. Sugary as hell but we loved it still.
source: Tori.ng

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