Bank Queue Struggles Every Nigerian Has Experienced

Nigerian banks have shown Nigerians pepper!

From the ATMs to the human tellers and customer care reps, Nigerians have truly suffered. Tell me you haven’t experienced any of the following:

1. When you’re next in line at the ATM queue and the person in front of you is taking forever.

Image: MemeGenerator

2. It gets to your turn and the machine says “Temporarily unable to dispense cash.”

Image: NairaLand

3. When you leave your queue to jump to another and the teller on the new queue says “she’s going on a break.”

hoakim noah

4. When you leave the long ATM queue to complain to a customer care agent about the queue and she tells you to join the “complaints queue.”

Image: Zikoko

5. When you want to withdraw N5,000 out of your last N10,000 and the machine debits you twice without giving you any money.

Image: PartyJollof

6. You walk into a bank, you ask the last person in the queue,”are you the last?” And they say “I shall not be the last IJN.”

Image: QuickMeme

7. On a long ATM queue, the guy in front starts withdrawing money for his generation.

Image: BoldAsLove
source: OmgVoice

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