Basic Tips For Healthy Dreadlocks

536818_375504649157374_119563034751538_978419_532453534_nFinding the right tips on caring for dreadlocks is super important if you are trying to maintain the dreadlock look. While dreadlocks are easier to maintain than other hairstyles, they do require some basic maintenance.

Getting the right tips for your dreadlocks is important if you are trying to maintain it, they are just simple steps you need to take in order to make the dread neat and clean always. Here are few tips to follow in taking care of your locks.

Washing: There is an awful myth that wearers of dreadlocks don’t wash their hair, everybody washes their hair, hopefully. Some people with dreadlocks washes their hair every day while some opt for once a week, as dreadlocks take a long time to dry. Regular washing is necessary,   sweat build-up causes bacteria to grow and the scalp to itch.    Be generous with the soap and rinse extra well. To dry, wring hair out and wrap with a towel to draw out extra moisture. After washing immediately apply some type of moisturizer to the scalp and locs, apply it while the hair is still wet-damp. Again, there are many different hair and scalp oils designed for use with dreadlocks that one can try, just remember, not too much!  Too much grease will attract dirt and lint. If the scalp isn’t clean, grease contributes to dandruff which is very tough to get out of locked hair.

Palm roll your dreads: Do you know that palm rolling your dreads is actually a great way to keep them tight, keep them looking awesome and to maintain their shape? This is actually how you make your dreads too, use a bit of wax is suggested when you are first starting out.

In Between Washing: Anyone with dreadlocks knows that they take a long time to dry after being fully saturated with water. Because of this, frequent washing isn’t always possible.  Sometimes a quick refresher for the scalp is sufficient. Blot the scalp with a mild astringent like Sea Breeze or any witch hazel. It will help remove trapped oil and dirt and keep the head smelling fresh and clean, without over-drying the scalp.

Peppermint for itching: Dreadlocks can itch a little bit when they start to get tighter and tighter. There are a ton of creams and sprays out there for the itching, but just a few drops of peppermint essential oil can really help calm the itching down or invest in one of the many peppermint creams out there that are specifically for dreadlocks and eliminating the itch.


Twisting: Twisting shouldn’t be done more than every 1-3 weeks and it is okay to do it while the hair is damp, but the hair shouldn’t be dripping wet. Dreadlocks can be twisted in either direction, start at the base of the loc’d portion of the hair (not at the root near the scalp) and twist downward to the scalp. Sometimes twisting upward from the scalp causes the root sections to thin over time. Clamp a few newly twisted dreadlocks with a clip in the spot where the locked hair ends and the new growth begins to hold the newly twisted section.

Don’t start dreads with food products: Another huge rumor about dreadlocks is that one can start dreadlocks with anything in the kitchen from mustard all the way to mayo. Don’t use that, instead, start your dreadlocks with products that are specifically for dreadlocks. You can find these products online or anywhere really.

Drying: Dreadlocks are similar to the strands of a mop, they hold a lot of water.  Thorough drying is necessary, otherwise hair will smell damp and musty. Air drying can take as little as an hour (hair loose while standing in blazing sunshine) or up to 24 hours (indoors or hair braided or curled tightly for styling).   Sit under a hood or bonnet dryer to speed up the process. Hood and bonnet hair dryers are relatively inexpensive.lock_1_article-small_23788

Rubber-bands: Do not break off the hair when used properly, the trick to using rubber bands is to use them for short intervals (less than 24 hours).  Actually, any band that one keep the locks tightly bound in for more than 24 hours will begin to whittle away the hair in that particular section. One can even see the difference after the band have being worn for more than a day.  Banding the hair in the same spot day after day (even with a nightly break) is just as detrimental to the hair.

Never apply wax to wet hair: When looking for a really sticky and hard way to get out mess, absolutely apply wax to wet hair. If you want something that is going to look good and easy to maintain, apply your wax and palm roll your dreads while the hair is super, super dry.

 Remember, it takes TIME, PATIENCE AND DEDICATION to reach the point where you will have a natural, long, flowing mane of dreadlocks…several years actually.  All the more reason to start now.


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