Bayelsa Begins Construction Of Cargo Airport

The state government is currently working to see that the Cargo Airport dream come to limelight the government work with the Federal Ministry of Aviation to develop the international passenger and cargo Airport, which is now under construction.

The State Government’s contribution to the development of the airport is over 24 Billion Naira. It is a mega project,a lot of sand filling has done. The Federal Government has the responsibility for building the terminal building,the Federal Executive Council has awarded the contract and construction of the Terminal building.”

We hope that, God Willing,the new Airport should be ready very soon It is not a military airfield but the idea the Airforce has just come up with having a smaller Airstrip within the Metropolis that will serve Military purposes which will also be opened for some limited civilian flights is wonderful.More so because we are also thinking of a city Airport within Yenagoa having opened up Yenagoa to the investing world from within and outside.”

We are concerned about a situation where people will land within the state capital and within the city centre,transact their businesses and possibly get back to their various destinations.”

Unknown to the world,The Runway of the Bayelsa International Airport under construction will be 3.4 kilometers long and dredging as well as sand filling has reached advanced stages.

Making solid ground out of water; dredging continues as this land mark project is ably piloted by Dantata and Sawoe’s project Manager Ralf Fletkau, Terminal Building of the Bayelsa International Cargo Airport in Progress by Chinese Firm CCECC today 17/06/2014. Silently an Airport of international standards as promised by Gov Dickson begins to be realized.

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It will be of a great benefits after conclusion of this massive Cargo Airport because of the potential it will bring in teams of Job creation that will even go beyond Bayelsa state , Niger Delta and it will even extend to the entire nation , it capacity in jobs generation is what u never imagine , now that the government is beginning to diversifying the economy.

It will be good for the federal government to continue in the building of the terminal and to take full charge of other responsibilities that it supposed to Cary out for a speeding conclusion of the Cargo Airport in so doing it will go a long way in solving some of the lack jobs crisis that the people are facing.

Because of the huge amount of developmental project the state government has embark up on Bayelsans are appealing to the federal government to assist the state government in completing this projects that will benefit the entire nation.


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