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Ladies, Easy Ways To Spot The Masters In Bed


Most guys talk a ‘good talk’ when it comes to the activities in the bedroom. They might boast from today till tomorrow about how good they are but if you’re a lady with some experience, you will know that when it comes to guys and their ways in the bedroom… seeing is believing! Now, don’t get it wrong. It doesn’t imply that men can’t be trusted. Not at all. But just like a man must verify a woman’s claims, a lady must also verify her man’s claims. That being said… If you have never had the chance to experience a man’s abilities for yourself and you want to be sure before stepping in, how can you tell if he is indeed capable or not?

There are some easy ways (though not professionally proven) that can help you spot a man that is indeed a master in bed and well, the other kinds. Here goes:

His (effortless) touch:
If he’s able to touch you in ways that feel amazing or casually massage you in a way that makes you want to forget yourself, then it’s most likely that he knows how to handle everything else well. The key thing to note here is the ‘effortless’ part. You watch for his touch when he’s putting little or no effort at all.

He adheres to your basic wants:
This means that he listens to you and pays attention to what you need and he makes it happen even in cases as little as his stopping or quitting a thing because you asked him to. There’s a great chance that he’ll probably do the same thing in bed. And we all know that a man that pays attention and adheres to your wants in bed is a keeper.

He is confident in general:
He might not be a Mr. Nigeria or a supermodel but he is confident in who he is just as he is. This is something that is said all the time… believe it because it is true. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a man will be bad in bed if he is not so confident in himself but he is most likely to be average in bed because confidence goes a long way in taking the lead in the bedroom.

His intense body language (the most unbelievable eye contacts):
Have you ever met those kinds of men? They are just so intense about everything that they do and just being around him makes you think along the lines of ‘intimacy’. From the way that they touch you to the way that they can undress you with their eyes to their compliments but most especially, the eye contacts. If you look at a guy and even eye contact with him is so intense in a way that makes you very nervous then you should know that it’s going to be outstanding sex. This is almost foolproof.

The way he moves:
A man that is good in bed will almost always stride confidently (but not arrogantly). He carries himself straight and walks with a purpose like he knows where he is going at all times. Even when he is in a hurry, he still maintains that dignity in his walk.

His hand gestures:
Watch what he does with his hands when he talks. How he gestures can tell you a lot about what kind of a person he’ll be in bed. And if he can’t help expressing himself with his hands when outside, just imagine what he’ll be able to do with them when you’re alone. That’s all I’m saying.

There are other not-so-effective but quite important traits too:

A man with a big appetite, A great dancer, A good NOT great dresser, a good kisser, a man that works out etc.
Spot most (if not all) of these traits in a guy and you’re almost sure that you have a ‘master’ in your hands.


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