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Best Steps To Choosing The Right Colours For Your Wedding Day

One of the things people look out for when they get invited to a wedding is the colour that has been chosen for the event.

So if you are currently have a headache from wondering which colour will be best for your forthcoming wedding, or if you are assisting someone with their wedding preparation, this article should be your guide.

Think beyond neutrals

Gone are the days when it was regular to start with a neutral color and add just one or two pops of color.

It is all normal these days to go for a ‘rainbow’ if you desire as much colours as possible, especially for the decor of the reception venue.

Do not be scared to add as much colours as possible for more beauty-
if that is what you desire

What do the colours mean?

Many couples think of a color scheme only in the line of reception venue design, but the impact of a colour scheme can be seen even in the invitation card you send out to people.

Experts agree that a gold scheme suggests formality, while orange with white lettering point to an intention to do something more colourful. Bet you never knew that.

Gather inspiration from other sources

Whatever you might be looking to achieve on your wedding day, the possibility is that some other couple has done it before, and if no couple has done it before, you can be sure they have something pretty close has been done.

So check out ideas on the Internet, lookout for Instagram photographers and check what the themes look like in the wedding photos they have shot over time.

Soft tones, deeper shades… that’s how to go about it. 

Consider aesthetics

So you have made up your mind that this particular colour is what you will be using; that you have made that decision does not mean you have to do it anyhow.

Consider the aesthetics instead of just splashing that colour everywhere.

Imagine if these brides had done a mix of several shades of orange.
Would have been a lot more beautiful, right 

Leave room for improvisation

Choosing a scheme doesn’t have to be inhibiting or rigid.

Rather than ‘insist’ on a specific shade of a particular colour, allow freedom for guests to come in whatever shade of the colour they prefer.

Looking all matchy-matchy has been in use for far too long.

Isn’t it time we switched things up a bit?


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