Beware Ladies!! How Wearing Skin-Tights Is Hazardious For Your V@ginal’s Health

Tights or yoga pants make you look hot and there is no misstep about it anyway, you can get yourself in a bad position with your “woman bit” wearing them.

Numerous ladies consider such jeans comfortable and pleasant to wear. At first they were made for yoga or cycling and different games exercises.

In any case, in the blink of an eye women wear them day by day for a considerable length of time and they neglect to see the threat to their woman part cause by such outfits.

Moreover, in some cases women do look ridiculous or extravagant in such skin pants. Why is it bad for your “cookie” to wear them?.

Here are ways you are hurting your va gina.

Well, you generate extra heat down below and it needs to escape through the clothing. Overheating may lead to fast infection development.

If you wear more loose pants, you get va gina aired and the excessive heat removed. However, that’s not the case with tights, especially if they are made out of synthetic fabric.

Initially such pants were meant to be worn for an hour or so during the workout, and then you take a shower, get cleaned and chilled and changed into something else. So, wearing them all day long may create certain problems for you and even for your man in s3x.

Cotton fabric is the best for such pants, if you must wear them. surely the synthetic one looks the hottest, but it is also the most dangerous type of skin-tights for your va gina and s3x life!



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