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Britain To Deal With ALL Nigerians With Properties In UK

All Nigerians with properties in the UK are set to suffer a very big blow from the British government soon as the European nation is set to make public names of all foreign owners of properties in that country.

According to reports from the UK on Thursday, British Prime Minister, David Cameron will announce today at the ongoing global anti-corruption summit that the country will force firms to reveal the owners of properties bought by foreigners, thus ending buying by proxy or anonymous acquisition of properties.

After today’s announcement, the UK will set in place plans to fully make public all real owners of properties already bought in the UK while those buying in the future will also follow the same practice in renewed efforts by the UK to curb the laundering of money through the British real estate industry by corrupt officials, particularly from developing nations like Nigeria.

“Mr Cameron will announce today that ministers will press ahead with plans to force firms to reveal the true owners of valuable properties in the UK on a new publicly available register,” reports the Daily Mail UK.

The report continued: “In a surprise move, the plans will cover existing properties as well as future deals. More than 44,000 of the estimated 100,000 homes owned by foreign companies are in London. Campaigners have long complained about how foreign dictators, corrupt businessmen and criminal gangs launder stolen cash through London mansions.”

It would be recalled that erstwhile minister of petroleum, Alison Diezani-Madueke was flagged recently after reportedly paying in one fell swoop for a top UK property instead of using mortgage or paying by instalment.


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