Is Buhari Another Mandela

I’m afraid Buhari is turning into another Mandela.

Old and tired men, but power hungry, ready to sell their country to foreign interests in other to access power.

Around the year 1960, Mandela declared “I will be the first black president of south Africa.”

Twenty seven years in prison, old and tired, but still hungry to realize his dream regardless of the cost, he sold out the south African liberation movement to European terrorists descendants, and agreed that the white minority (10% of the population) would keep 90% of the south African lands, and also control over 90% of the economy.

Now, here comes, Buhari. An old man, with high integrity like the young Mandela, but similarly power hungry. He has tried to become president again so many times, but also failed so many times.

Close to the grave like Mandela, he seems to have been picked up to realize his power hungry game, but in exchange of givin so much of Nigeria to alien interests.

Nigerians should be very careful. Not easily carried away with some dreamy discourse easily crafted to sweeten in the ears.

The man should be checked, double checked.

source: Silicon Africa


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