Why Buhari Will Win 2015 Presidential Election

Muhammadu Buhari,

Either you like it or not, Buhari will win 2015 presidential election due to some reasons that known to few people. Buhari will win in Yoruba land, many Yorubas will vote for Buhari because Jonathan has failed in his administration to tighten the security of this nation. Many Yoruba people have lost their family members who are in the north.

Some of them left the northern part of this country empty without taking anything along with them when they are coming back home because Boko Haram has vandalized their property, and not only that but some people have lost some parts of their body.

Therefore, Jonathan will lose this election while Buhari will win because of the security reason, many of them would like to give Buhari the chance to help with the country security. But as for me, one thing I know, whosoever will win this election, may God’s will be done. It must be for God’s glory.

I do pray that God should bring the person that help not only with the security of this country but with the economy of this country. We have many graduates without unemployment, we have many of them that have settle down for peanut.

2015 Presidential Election in Nigeria. God’s will be done.


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  1. Buhari will not win. if Buhari wins do u think he will do anything better? He will not he is a tribalist and a religious activist. He has not shown good example as a leader his comments are not for a good leader. Her said 2015 will bloody, he said many thing that shouldn’t be said by some u wants to rule Nigeria. He thinks he can end BH issue in shot period if voted in. if he knows how that can be done why wait until he is voted in why many people die as u said why can’t him bring up the I dear on how to end BH now? So Buhari is not worthy to be the leader this great Nation needs.

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