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Can You Live Longer By Just Attending A Church? Find Out What Science Says


God wants His people to attend the church or rather to be a part of His body called the church; a congregation of the born again Christians. There are many things that contribute to our longevity. But can you live longer by just attending a church? What the science says is surprising!  And all that God has for us serves for our good. However, secular science tends to doubt such things.

So, the scientists have carried out a study and what it proves is so inspiring. The research was carried out by the Duke University. And it proved that faith and church going have many health benefits to offer! Here is what they say: “The benefits of devout religious practice, particularly involvement in a faith community and religious commitment, are that people cope better. In general, they cope with stress better, they experience greater well-being because they have more hope, they’re more optimistic, they experience less depression, less anxiety, and they commit suicide less often.”

Churchgoers get more social support. They eat better to take good care of their bodies and surely they give up all the bad habits, such as smoking or drinking. They also have so many positive emotions, which build you up and promote one’s health. These people are generous and tuned to giving. They serve others and feel good about it!  And they have the divine help in their lives, so this highly reduces the level of stress. When they do get anxious or stressed out, instead of drinking or going crazy, they pray and relax, trusting their lives into the hands of God Almighty. So, as you see, going to church and being faithful in serving God makes you live longer and increases the quality of your life!


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