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“Why We Cannot Fufill Promise Of School Free Feeding Programme” – Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that the implementation of school free feeding programme and N5000 monthly payment to the poor cannot be fully implemented for now.

Buahri revealed that the 2016 budget cannot cover the expenses for the free feeding programmed because it will take some time to work out proper modalities for the operation.

Buhari had initially proposed N500 billion Special Intervention Programme in the 2016 Budget for these purposes.

However, in a letter dated October 24, 2016 written to the National Assembly, titled: “Request for Virement of Funds Appropriated For Special Intervention (Recurrent) and Special Intervention (Capital) for the Funding of critical recurrent and Capital Items, the president has  sought to move some of the funds from the subhead.


Buhari, in the letter, wants to move N180 billion from the Special Intervention Programme, which should have taken care of the schools feeding programme and the N5000 monthly for the poor in the country.

The letter reads in part: “From the foregoing, the total recurrent expenditure is N166 billion while the capital expenditure requirement is N14 billion.

Most of MDAS have substantially advanced work on their 2016 procurement plans, and are awaiting release of funds.


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