What A Certified Teacher In Nigeria Taught Some Children will Shock You

A father has taken to social media to report a terribly written comprehension passage written by a Nigerian teacher who is certified.

Nura Alkali
What you see in the board below was allegedly written by a certified teacher. Nura Alkali, a neurologist in the northern part of Nigeria who employed the female teacher went berserk after he saw the level of her literacy courtesy of what she was actually teaching his children.
The comprehension written by the unnamed teacher
He reported the odd discovery on Facebook and has received hundred of comments with people narrating different accounts about the decadence in the Nigerian educational sector.
He wrote:

“This was written by a certified school teacher I hired to tutor my children three sessions a week at 12K per month. I’m sacking her today. The Nigerian teacher-training system definitely needs a shake-up”
He has been advised to sue the teacher in question as she is unfit to impart knowledge on kids.
source: Tori

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