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Check Out The First 6 Things Guys Notice About Ladies

man woos a lady

What is the first thing guys notice about you? We hereby list them in the order which they are noticed. they include:

1. Your face!

That being said, plenty of dudes still notice your eyeballs, your b*tt, followed by b**bs, then legs. other things guys notice include :

2. Feet. It tells if she really cares for her hygiene

3. Hair and hair color. It says a lot about what a girl wants others to think of her.” Does it?

4. Yourr outfit. If it’s different from what’s around her, it pulls her out of a crowd.

5. Ring finger to see if she is taken.

6. Whether her jeans are tight around her crotch, then her smile, then eyes.

So there you have it.


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