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Check Out Major Differences Between Rich Igbo Bride And Rich Yoruba Bride

We can all agree that nowadays weddings are done to make statements and to show off how wealthy, creative and urban line can be. Some couples do big weddings with the intention to shutdown the internet.

The article below touches on the rich Yoruba and Igbos brides and how they go about their weddings.


The Yoruba bride like any other woman in the world takes her wedding day seriously. Obviously a day she has looked forward to after long courtship and pressure from parents and society. She must wear branded Shoes (Jimmy Choo etc), her make up most be by well known, high class makeup artists. Planners are also Alist planners, some go as far as recommending Valentino and Louboutin shoes for bridesmaids.

Popular Social Media blogs with a (vast following) must feature them. Some lose their sense of moral on the wedding day, scream and almost beat up anyone who delays (seems like an obstruction) etc.

The rich Yoruba bride (does not include “low class”, unpopular friends on their bridal train rather they enlist the help of ladies they might not be even close to but looks & dresses the part or maybe have a huge following on Instagram) might cut off close friends who do not make their bridal train lavish, colourful and link up with new friends who can keep up with the trend. They must break the Internet, with A list photographers all at the Venue.

They must Marry at some specific venues and the new trend Destination weddings. The Yoruba bride will choose a rich colour (& lavish fabric) for herself but select the worst colour for her friends (only her must shine on the day ). You must not dress better than her, if your shoes glitter or outfit looks flamboyant you get a funny look or get walked out. It is rumoured that they choose some of their husband’s grooms men. The poor or not fashionable grooms men will be cut short while the classy men and dapper men make the list.
The most expensive brides in West Africa, you can’t marry a rich Igbo lady without closing your account. Even if you hit the lottery the money might not be enough ( Please don’t crucify me). You need to fly to the east to attend the traditional wedding, the dowry is somewhat heavy.

She is expected like the Yoruba bride to wear the Zanottis, Vera Wangs etc. They are worse than Yoruba brides in the sense of hospitality. They don’t host guest well (they are terrible hosts or are not receptive). Many friends have complained about the treatment offered by rich Igbo bride. The Igbo bride is not too concerned about her bridesmaid package but the amount of Chiefs that attend the wedding with bags of cash.

She is more interested in the money bags who will enrich(lavish) her day with bundles of cash and (expensive gold). She is very pretty and (fair skinned)light skinned. You must be rich to marry a rich Igbo bride. If you have a PHD from Harvard and MBA from Stanford, the Rich Igbo brides parents are not concerned. They will pick the billionaire drop out over the educated poor potential groom.


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