Check Out Orange Culture’s Colorful Collection

Orange Culture, showcased a colorful collection as, one of four Nigerian menswear designers, who presented at the South African Menswear Week, #SAMW AW16.

Seun LoganOrange Culture at SAMW AW16

(Simon Deiner)

The four day event, which started on Wednesday, Feb. 3 and ended on Saturday, Feb. 6th, saw four Nigerian brands, Orange Culture, Maxivive, Kola Kuddus and Tokyo Jamesshowcase at the event.

The urban/modern menswear designer, Adebayo Oke-Lawal,showcased on the final day of the 4 day event. The new collection featured a burst of colors, textures, layering, knitting, prints, inscriptions and patterns.

The designer who’s collaborated with international publications such as Vogue Italia and more is known to be modern, fresh and fashion forward, as he created a range of sweaters, jackets, shirts, flared, cropped pants and shorts.

KwenOrange Culture at SAMW AW16

(Simon Deiner)

Included in the presentation were knitted neck pieces and leg bracelets and some of the inscriptions on the shirt read things like ‘see me’ and ‘touch me’, which was no surprise becauseAdebayo loves to make a statement with his presentations and collections.

ModelOrange Culture at SAMW AW16

(Simon Deiner)

Orange Culture’s LFDW 2015 presentation included all the models with flowers on their mouths. This time, it’s clear the statement is an encouragement to be bold and visible, indicated by the direct quotes on the pieces and the bright colors and bold cuts.

This is not Bayo’s first time at SAMW but this new phase is a great step forward in his already established career.

source: pulse.ng


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