Check Out Photos Of Van Vicker’s Grown Up Daughter, Adjoa Vicker


Van Vickers Eldest Daughter is all grown up, The young actress who is obviously following in her father’s steps, in profession, takes after her mother, Adjoa Vicker more, in looks


Van Vicker and his wife Adwoa have three children and recently celebrated their 13th marriage anniversary.


… and guys better watch out cause her dad is soo “rude” that he doesn’t care if you’re human too, and you’d better not marry anyway *in magic!’s voice*

The Ghanaian actor is already installing arms into his arsenal ahead of a lone war he will be fighting against any man who will come close to any of his daughters.

His first child and eldest daughter, 12-year-old J’dyl Vanette Vicker, is all grown up in a new photo the actor shared on his Instagram page recently.

He sarcastically captioned the photo,

“The moment I realise I need to purchase MORE bullets for my double barrel. #ygf @jjjcutie”



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