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Chemical Found In $emen, Spermidine Can Make You Live Longer – New Study Reveals

Maybe this is how we finally answer the question of how to prolong human life. So, here is a free advice for you. To extend your life, next time your boyfriend cums, swallow his juice.

While that might be a good idea, its also worthy to note that you’re sure of the person’s health situation before going ahead to swallow their juice. The point is healthy and STD free semen can do a lot for your health.

This is according to a new study published in Nature Medicine, a chemical was found in semen called “spermidine”. It made the mice live longer and also increased the overall heart health, reports Candice Jalili, Elite Daily

“Spermidine” not only made mice live longer, but it also helped to increase their overall heart health.”

The mice that took the spermidine had lower blood pressure, lower rates of cardiac hypertrophy and reduced risk of diastolic heart failure. The effectiveness of spermidine in the mice is the closest science has gotten to proof that the chemical has been proven to lifespan of yeast and fruit flies that would give the same result as humans.


Not everyone wants to swallow semen, it maybe not be your fetish. There is another way for you to get spermidine into your food. An author with the study, Dr Simon Sedej revealed to Medical Daily that the chemical can also be found in mushroom, whole grain and cheese.

Sedej also advised that if one is serious about getting a good dose of spermidine in your diet then you’ll need to ramp up on your head game. Not just a little more, this will require a lot more.

Simply put, you’ll need gallons of semen to see the effect of spermidine on your health.


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