Chioma Akpotha And Other Nigerians Slam Actor, Tyrese For Saying Mark Zuckerberg Is In “Africa”.


tyrese Nigeria

So first off, News platform, CNN, in a tweet, reported that Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, visited “Sub Saharan Africa”, a title so many Nigerian tweeps didn’t find appeasing as they slammed the platform to be more precise when reporting – “Nigeria” not “Sub Saharan Africa”.

Well, Hollywood actor, Tyrese, in a a new IG post, did the same thing by saying the Facebook CEO popped into “Africa”… Why don’t they understand that Africa is not a country?!

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This also, didn’t please Nigerians as even actress, Chioma Akpotha took to the comment section to tell the actor that it’s Nigeria, not Africa! See below:

tyrese Nigeria1

tyrese Nigeria2

tyrese Nigeria3

tyrese Nigeria4


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