Colors That Can Make You Better At Your Job – MUST READ

While there is no magic shade that will have you making millions overnight, there are many ways you can create a more productive environment for yourself, at home or at work.

Here are the three colors that can make you better at your job!

1.  Orange

Orange is a highly energizing hue that, according to ancient Feng Shui principles, promotes concentration, organization and pinpointed focus. Perfect for someone who needs to move quick, this is a “wake up and get moving” sort of color and can be extremely effective as a booster, even in small amounts. So, if painting all the walls in your office bright orange sounds a bit too overwhelming for your taste, try spicing up the room with orange accents—drapes or a decorative vase.

2.  Green

Depending on your line of work, green can be an incredible option for your office. If your work is more creative or requires a great deal of levelheadedness and empathy, green will help promote peace, creativity and stability. Because green is the color of nature, it can help people feel balanced and reassured day-to-day and can even improve collaboration and mutual understanding. Bonus: Green pairs well with other more stimulating colors like red on the opposite end of the color spectrum.

3.  Blue

There is no color steadier and more reliable than blue. Most people associate this hue with calm, trustworthiness and consistency, and it’s been linked to improved cognitive performance. There’s a reason why wearing blue is so highly recommended for job interviews! Blue has also been associated with creativity, making it another great choice for an office setting.

So there you have it! Three great color choices that will keep you energized, creative and organized in your workplace, wherever that may be. Now get painting!


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