Colour Combos, How To Get It Right


Playing with bright colours add extra touch to your overall look and make your seemingly neutral outfit somewhat more interesting. You can make your outfit more attractive by combining it with brighter colours. Colour contrast helps to complement outfits. Adding colours to your outfit makes it pop out.

Colour Combo

Take a risk with colour blocking. Pick colours that are ‘mood-lifting’ like Red, Yellow, White, Green, then create your own style by combining them with other colours. Think bright-on-bright, print-on-print, solid-on-solid but don’t add more than three elements of the accent colours.bright 2

A Touch Of Mustardbright

Accessorize your brown stylish dress with a touch of mustard yellow. Mustard yellow is a perfect way to pop colour on a dark combo. Accessories are very important in outfits, they can completely transform a look. So a good choice of accessory is important.

Shoes And Bags

A perfectshoes and bag combination of shoes and bags in a darker colour can change an outfit completely. It brightens the outfit and makes it look elegant and chic.

lipstickBright Lips

Bright lipsticks can change a look tremendously. They transform looks from normal to extraordinary. Try different light shades of lipsticks. They’ll give a modern holographic finish to looks and make you classy every time of the day. You can never tell how stylish your looks could be until you have tried bright colourful lips.

Other accessories

brighttYou can also add colour to your look with colourful earrings and bangles. Using colourful scarves is also a way of accessorizing your outfit.



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