Common Causes Of Itching And Burning ‘Down There

hipster pantiesHave you been feeling discomfort down there? They can be signals that something is wrong in the va gina. There are several types of conditions for itching and burning but va ginal itching and irritation are the most common and uncomfortable symptoms women and young girls tend to experience in their life time.

Here are some of the most common ones:

Bacterial vaginosis is the most common reason for itching. From research, it is caused by an imbalance in healthy bacteria and a change in va ginal pH. It feels similar to a yeast infection, but in this case, the discharge is more watery and usually has an odour.

Yeast infection can also be the reason why you itch down there. They can occur at random or following antibiotic use, s ex, stress, or a change in diet (and women with diabetes have a higher risk). In addition to itchiness, you may also notice a white, or thick discharge.

Sometimes, the skin reacts to certain products, like your cream, perfumes or additives, including condoms and lubricants. You must be very careful to know what your body reacts to. Even tissue paper with fragrances can trigger the itching. Avoid shaving if you have a sensitive body and never, ever douche.

STDs can make your lady parts itch, including chlamydia, herpes, trichomoniasis, and gonorrhea. So be safe.  If you experience itching along with any other common STD symptoms like burning while you pee, foul-smelling discharge, sores on your genitals, and pain during intercourse, you should see your doctor immediately for proper check.


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