Cossy Ojiakor Denies Detainment Over Big B**b… See Details

Cossy Ojiakor has denied a report that she was detained by the United State Immigration & Custom Enforcement (ICE) over her big breast.

This is following an Instagram post by Alibaba on Wednesday, November 16, 2016, who claimed she admitted it to her during a trip to the US.

He wrote, “So @cossyojiakor and I were on the same flight to the USA last month… I had crossed Immigration and even checked in and realised she had not called to say she had checked in…

“Called later and found out they held her back at the airport for two hours. Why? I asked her. She said they said something about “No dairy products allowed”… Still don’t get it.”

Cossy Orjiakor

Cossy Orjiakor

According to Punch News, Ojiakor, through her spokesperson has dismissed the veteran comedian’s comment as nothing but a joke.

“When she saw the post she laughed because she knew that Alibaba was only joking and she does not take things like that to heart.

“Most times when she reads things about herself in the media, she only laughs.

“The only time she took offence to a write-up was when she was accused of bestiality but that is in the past.

“She knows Alibaba was only joking and you can call Alibaba to confirm.”

Steve yaw Onu drooling over Cossy Orjiakor's massive cleavageSteve yaw Onu drooling over Cossy Orjiakor’s massive cleavage

The actress has made the news round occasionally for pictures of her breast which is considered by some to be thought provoking.

This has earned her a wide following on social media, especially on her Instagram which she recently placed a restriction on.


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